Work and Travel USA

Program Description

Our work and travel program will provide you a wonderful experience abroad while learning english and working in many different locations across The USA. Within this program you are able to travel to the USA, earn some money and enjoy american lifestyle.

What is this program including?

● Fully assisted application process
● Review of CVs and resumes
● Position in a resort, hotel or theme park
● Sponsor to get the DS Form
● Any other information (housing if needed, airflights, etc!)

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Fields and type of work and travel placements

We work with different type of placements in order to adjust our service as much as possible to your needs.
We work with:

● Resorts
● Hotels
● Restaurants
● Amusement parks

Requirements for the work and travel program USA

To make sure you can successfully complete your summer work and travel program in the USA there are a few requirements you must adhere to.

  1. First of all, candidates for the work and travel program must have a high understanding of the English language. They must be able to successfully interact in an English speaking environment.
  2. As mandated by the US government, candidates must also be enrolled in a post-secondary school and be pursuing a degree in a serious manner. They must also have successfully completed at least 1 semester of post-secondary school.
  3. The last requirement is that you must be pre-placed in a company prior to entering the USA (we will help you with that!)

Information about the work and travel program in the USA

Internships USA match employers from the U.S. who are in need of seasonal workers with international students from the work and travel program. These employers will host the students for up to a maximum of four months so you can spend your summer experiencing the diverse cultures of America while improving your English and gaining resume-enhancing work experience. You will also make enough money to spend the last month travelling the USA and creating memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime.

It is an ideal alternative for students who want to spend their summer on vacation whilst earning some money at the same time. This gives the students the rare opportunity to immerse themselves into the rich culture of the U.S.A which will enhance both their perspective and life. It’s a great option for employers to fill the short-term employment they need during the busiest seasons. It is the perfect solution that meets the expectations of both parties.

How to apply for the work and travel program in the USA

  1. To apply: send your curriculum to our project manager
  2. We will have a meeting with you to explain how is the process, possible offer vacancies.
  3. After confirming that you want to make the program, you have to pay the registration fee in 10 days: €250
  4. Once you have confirmed that you want to get enrolled in our program, you will have a skype interview with our partner in the USA. This will let us know what position we can offer you based on your English level
  5. Once we know your english level, we will offer you a position within the characteristics agreed.
  6.  After confirming the placement the second payment is mandatory as we need to make the DS-2019 form.
  7. Visa application. You have to pay the embassy and SEVIS fees. Complete it before 30 daysto start date.
  8. After receiving the visa confirmation, you can buy your flight tickets
  9. Now, you are ready to live your experience at the USA

How much money do I need to live in the USA?

The usual payment for students doing W&T programs is between 6.5 and 14.00 per hour, so between 1400 and 2240 monthly.
You can save around 700 € per month, if you use well your resources, so this program will not have any cost for you!


You need to have an specific insurance for W&T travellers. This insurance costs 45 $ per month of duration.

Costs of the program

The full fee of the program is 1350 € plus 45 € extra per month for the insurance.
To register, you have to pay the reservation fee of 250 € and after the position is confirmed you need to pay the rest of the fees.

Not included
$130 USA government Embassy fees
$35 SEVIS Fee
Flights &  other expenses.

Cancellation policy and Visa

  1. In case of refusal or rejection of a visa application by the USA consulate, Spain Internship will keep a €250 cancellation fee. Applicant must return the original DS-2019 form to Spain
    internship and submit proof of the denial from the embassy within 10 business days of the denial.
  2. In visa application step: you need to complete it before 30 days to start date, otherwise, you have to pay an extradited processing fee of €500
  3. Cancellations received after a job offer is confirmed will be subject to a €250 cancellation fee extra
    In case you are losing your DS Form and a new one has to be submitted, €400 extra will be charged for a new DS Form issue and sending costs

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