May 27, 2022

With Internships USA, I participated in the Work & Travel program. In fact, at first, I just had this crazy idea in mind that it would be so cool to do a summer job in the US because I never went there and I also wanted to spend time with a friend of mine from an Erasmus program in Europe who is American. And I came across the Work & Travel program of Internships USA. They explained everything very clearly to me. It was quite an easy process in the end with their help. And so, I managed to travel there for 3 months. I worked in an amusement park located close to my friend's house, and I had the best summer!

December 12, 2021

I went to the US for one year to do an internship in marketing that I had found thanks to Internships USA. It was very interesting to live in such an amazing country! I love to travel and the US is one my favourite place so far. There are many opportunities there! I am glad to have used the services of Internships USA, they are very professional and nice! I've already talked about them to a couple of friends ahah

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