May 20, 2022

Thanks to Internships USA I spent 6 months - that I extended to 12 - in Phoenix! I think it was the greatest adventure I've ever had because, well, moving to the US on my own was challenging of course but it was amazing! I met a lot of people: my colleagues, new friends, etc. I also visited some cities in the country like Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And I discovered a field that I actually like a lot thanks to this internship: communication. If you have the chance to do something like that, don't hesitate!


June 9, 2022

I did an internship as a receptionist in a hotel based in Nashville, Tennessee. I had the chance to experience the country-music atmosphere there and I loved it. I was very eager to be part of an internship program in the US because you get to intern in a country where there are many opportunities, and also travel and discover a beautiful and rich country. Actually, I figured that the hospitality field was not really my thing but I benefited from my staying in the US to submit CVs to companies that could interest me in the US. I already received a couple of answers and I may consider working there for good! So, in the end, I'd like to thank Internships USA because it all started with them.


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