With Internships USA, I participated in the Work & Travel program. In fact, at first, I just had this crazy idea in mind that it would be so cool to do a summer job in the US because I never went there and I also wanted to spend time with a friend of mine from an Erasmus program in Europe who is American. And I came across the Work & Travel program of Internships USA. They explained everything very clearly to me. It was quite an easy process in the end with their help. And so, I managed to travel there for 3 months. I worked in an amusement park located close to my friend’s house, and I had the best summer!


I would really like, first, to thank Internships USA! Indeed, thanks to their services and their kindness, I had the chance to spend 10 months in Louisiana for a traineeship in Communication. I learned a lot, met great people, and discovered new incredible places. I wish I could stay a little longer but unfortunately, I had to complete my degree in France after these 10 months. Who knows? Maybe I’ll contact Internships USA again to do another professional experience in the US… But, anyway, what is sure is that I’ll try to get a job there at some point because I fell in love with New Orleans!


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