May 31, 2022

My experience in the US was very interesting. Apart from visiting the country and doing a great traineeship there, what has stroke me most is the way I improved my English! Of course, I had a sufficient level of English to do a traineeship in the US. But, I am talking about really getting to know the expressions they use, about being able to talk fluently, without even thinking in Italian at all. That's so cool! Anyway, thanks, Internships USA!


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Business and Management
June 4, 2020

I am currently doing my Internship in America with Internships USA. The country is very beautiful and I have already done many different activities and seen amazing places. For example, I tried rollerskating, I went to the Venice Canals or the theme park Six Flags. Oh, and on my first day in the city, I wanted to do something fun and tourist and I went to Hollywood! I spent the whole day there walking on sidewalks and watching the stars on the ground Ahah. In the end, I am really happy I decided to go here. There is so much to see and to do, and so many amazing people I've already met! Thanks, Internships USA!


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