I recently used this service to find an internship abroad. I want to mention my mentor, Laura, she was very helpful. She found an internship that suited my current studies. After been rejected from my first offer, Laura found another job for me within a week which I was accepted to in the end. The agency is quick and responsive with emails. Friendly and organised service.

Shannon Hospitality & Tourism May 16, 2018

I found Internships USA through my school, and I got a great internship in Westport CT thanks to them, I really recommand their services to anyone interested in an opporunity in USA. they make the process easier and assist you through it all!

Salma Hospitality and Tourism May 16, 2018

I'm from Spain, after graduating from college I decided to apply for an internship in the USA and thanks to Spain Internship I am currently living in New York City.
It's an amazing team and I feel very grateful. The entire process was smooth and very fast, however I had a last minute issue when I had everything ready to leave as the host company was having trouble with an ongoing project and had to reject my position after previously hiring me. I was supposedly moving to the city in 3 weeks and I suddenly founded myself without job. Despite my surprise and disappointment, Spain Internship managed the situation perfectly and in 2 weeks I had a new job offer and a new host company willing to hire me. And, in fact, this second offer was much better than the previous one, so everything ended up even better than I expected!
I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is willing to have a professional experience abroad as they provide a professional and individualized service to every customer, adapting their work to your needs and taking into account every detail. They will listen to what you are expecting and what you are looking for and they will try their best to fulfill your expectations.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Claudia Marketing and Communication May 16, 2018

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I am currently doing my Internship in America with Internships USA. The country is very beautiful and I have already done many different activities


Everyone has seen this kind of oldfashioned roller skating at least on movies, right? Luckily there is an amazing skating place calledMoonlight Rollerway only an hour drive away so I had a great chance to check it out.

Walk of Fame:

On my firstday in the city I wanted to do some thing fun and touristic, so what could be a better place than Hollywood. I spent the whole day there walking on sidewalks watching the stars on the ground and taking silly selfies with waxdolls on Madame Tussaud’s waxmuseum. I had such a greatday!

Venice Canals:

Venice Beach in general is something really different from the other Los Angeles’ beach cities. You can see magicians and different kind of street artists. Besides all the bubbly peopleVenice has some really beautiful spots worth visiting likeVenice Canals and thePier.

Six Flags:

Six Flags is a huge theme park located in California. It actually has 19 roller coasters, which makes it the biggest themepark in the whole world! This place is definitely worth visiting, and you should take a whole day for this trip. If you’regoing, be prepared to laugh and scream!


In the end I am really happy I decided to go here. There is so much to see and to do and so many amazing people I've already met!

Weera-Maria Business and Management June 4, 2018