June 28, 2022

I would really like, first, to thank Internships USA! Indeed, thanks to their services and their kindness, I had the chance to spend 10 months in Louisiana for a traineeship in Communication. I learned a lot, met great people, and discovered new incredible places. I wish I could stay a little longer but unfortunately, I had to complete my degree in France after these 10 months. Who knows? Maybe I'll contact Internships USA again to do another professional experience in the US... But, anyway, what is sure is that I'll try to get a job there at some point because I fell in love with New Orleans!


May 11, 2022

Thanks to Internships USA, I did a finance internship in the US, just as I wanted! Indeed, it was very important for me to experience the American lifestyle and to be immersed in a country in which finance thrives. But I was struggling to find a really interesting internship there on my own... so, I called upon Internships USA and they helped me a lot, not only to find this internship but actually throughout the whole process with visas, etc. I truly recommend their services!


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