Paid internships and traineeships in New York (NYC)


Paid internships and traineeships in New York (NYC), USA

Internships USA offers a complete package which allow get internships in New York for international or national students. Our package includes the internship search and or J1 Visa sponsoring, in case you are a foreign students which needs to have a VISA to do the placement in the USA.

Internship in the economic heart of the world, New York City.

New York is the most populated city in the United States of America and a global hub of any sort of business as banking, advertising, media, technology, accountancy… New York city is often a center of innovation, being together with San Francisco one of the world references for entrepreneurship. It is as well as the finantial center of the world, where you can find from all the big consultancy firms and disruptive fintech start ups and also one of the top world touristic destinations. It is a city full of life, traditionally known as the city that never sleeps and offers a great variety of cultural, social and business events daily.

Internship fields available in New York.

In New York, you can get almost any type of internship. In case you need a visa and apply for a J1 visa internship it has to be one of the fields allowed by the J1 program. We offer placements mainly in Business, Engineering, Design, Law and Tourism.

  • Business: marketing, finance, business development, management, Business, Commerce and Finance;
  • Engineering: IT development, Backend / Frontend development
  • Design: Web / Graphic design
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Law

Benefits of the placements. What kind of benefits are commonly offered for a J1 internship?

Placements in The USA are generally paid though it depends on the profile, lenght, field,etc… We offer a guarantee of remuneration in all the fields but in law, which is a field that generally does not offer stipend for candidates.

  • In the business placements, we offer a guarantee of 500$ / month for a 6 months placement and 1000$ for a 12 months placement. Though in New York this stipend tends to be higher, that is not guaranteed.
  • In the tourism field, we offer a compensation which ranges from 1400-2500 $ for a 40 hours placement and it could include housing depending on the place.
  • In the IT development and design placements there is a big fluctuation in the stiped, we offer the same guarantee than in business placements but well qualified students can get well-paid placements.

Check in the description of our programs further details.


An internship or traineeship in the USA must be at least 3 months in duration. However, it is very difficult to find an internship for such a short amount of time as most employers wish to have interns for a period of at least 6 months. The maximum duration for a J1 internship in the business field in the USA is 12 months and 18 months for a traineeship.

Extension of a participant’s placement to the maximum duration of the program is possible; however to do so will incur additional costs as a new DS-2019 will have to be completed showing the new dates of the extension. Due to the additional time and cost it will take to extend the duration of your stay, we recommend that beforehand you decide definitively how long you would like to stay in the USA.

Living in New York city costs, accomodation and others

The biggest cost of students going to New York city is the accommodation which is an average of 1600$ for a 2 bedroom appartment. Therefore, a room can cost you 800$ easily for a shared appartment in the city. If you do not mind travelling 45′ or 1 hour every day that amount can be decreased but housing in general is quite expensive. In any case, we offer you support to look for a room in NY, so we will advice you where to look and even pass you some contacts of direct owners in certain areas that we have.

Transportation is also you need to keep in mind, a monthly pass for metro costs 116 $ per month in NY. Food will take you around 200$ per month. Said this, you will need a basic amount of 1000$ per month of stay while living in NY, but we do recommend to have some higher saving to live comfortably in New York. If your budget is tight, you may consider living in another city as NY it is in fact one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Am I elegible for an internship in New York?

In case you are an US national or hold a green card visa you can apply anytime for an internship.
In case you are a foreigner and you need an internship, you need to apply through the J1 internship and traineeship scheme:

Internships: foreigners enrolled in academic studies or who has graduated from an overseas institution no more than 12 months prior to the start date of his or her exchange visitor program can make an internship program.
Traineeships: foreigners who have at least 1 year experience in the field they wish to become a trainee can enroll in the traineeship program.

Are you interested in applying for an internship in New York? Apply in and we will reach you in 24 working hours to set up a call.