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J1 Visa

If you want to study, work or do an internship in the USA you will be required to obtain a J1 visa. Here we will describe everything about the J1 visa and other related forms.

What is a J1 visa? The J1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to people who come to the USA to do an internship or a summer work travel program. This means that this is the document that gives you permission to enter the USA between the dates listed as issue date and expiration date. These dates do not have to match the dates of your program as they are only the dates between which you can enter the USA, however please note that if you leave the USA outside of these dates you will not be able to get back in and will be required to apply for a new visa.

All the programs we offer are:

  • Internship
  • Traineeship
  • Summer work travel program

DS-2019 Form

To be eligible for receiving a J1 visa you must have a DS-2019 form which is sometimes also called a certificate of eligibility.  The DS-2019 form is a document that allows you to apply for a J1 Visa at the U.S. embassy or consulate as an intern or trainee. It must be issued to you by an authorized visa sponsor.

You will not have to fill in the DS-2019 form on your own as it will be filled in by the visa sponsor beforehand. However, it is important to note that this form will only be used to apply for a J1 visa at the U.S. embassy or consulate and does not necessarily mean you will receive a J1 visa as the issuance of the J1 visa is at the discretion of the consular officers.

If you have any questions about your DS-2019 form you should contact your sponsor whose name and phone number will be on the DS-2019 form as they are responsible for assisting and advising you. The DS-2019 consists of 2 pages. As a foreign national you are required to sign page 1 showing that you agree to the instructions and understand what it says. The DS-2019 form consists of the following information:

  • Identification of  the participant
  • Identification of the sponsor (this part will contain the name, signature and telephone number of the sponsor’s responsible officer in case you need to contact them)
  • Description of the program
  • Identifies the type of program and the beginning and end dates
  • Gives an estimate of the financial support that will be provided during the program duration



Since 2004, all U.S. exchange visitors are required to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. This payment is a separate fee from the others and is required to help fund the upkeep of the automated program which tracks exchange visitors to make sure that they maintain the correct status while in the United States. Every exchange visitor who received a DS-2019 form after September 1st of 2004 is required to pay the SEVIS fee. As it is separate from other visa costs most sponsors will require you to pay it yourself.

The SEVIS fee must be paid before your interview at the US embassy or you will be denied a visa and entry into the USA. If your Visa to the USA is denied, you can reapply for the same program within 12 months of your original SEVIS fee payment without having to pay it again. The cost depends on the type of exchange visitor, the prices are as followed:

  • Fee for a J1 Visa application $220
  • Fee for subsidized J1 visa categories $35
  • Fee for government visitors $0


DS-160 Form

Before you have your interview at the U.S. embassy, you must also fill in and submit your DS-160 visa application. The barcode which you can find on your DS-160 Visa application must be used to book your interview at the U.S. embassy/consulate. You must be very careful to fill in all your information correctly on your DS-160 Form before signing it as false information will make you ineligible to enter the USA. You will have to submit your DS-160 form online as the U.S. embassy/consulate will not allow written or typed applications.


U.S. Embassy Interview

Candidates who are between the ages of 13 and 80 are required to attend an interview at the U.S. embassy/consulate. As the waiting times for a visa appointment can vary we encourage you to apply for your interview as soon as possible. When you have your interview at the U.S. embassy/consulate it is very important that you bring with you:

  • The DS-2019 form
  • The DS-160 Form confirmation
  • If you have one you must bring your DS-7002 form
  • Your passport which must be valid in the USA for at least 6 month after the intended end date of your program
  • One 2×2 inch (51x51mm) photo with your face in full view with a natural expression without wearing headwear or glasses

When you have your interview at the U.S. embassy/consulate it is very important that you show that you have binding ties in your home country and that you have no plans to abandon them and are only in the USA for a temporary period.


Health insurance

If you want to go to the USA on a J1 visa you are required to have insurance at the minimum level required in the state you are going to visit.

The sponsor must verify that the participant’s medical insurance meets the requirements, and is required to facilitate the purchase of insurance coverage for participants who do not have their own insurance, or whose coverage does not meet the requirements. Participants who wish to obtain appropriate medical insurance should contact the responsible officer of their sponsor organization.

Failure to maintain active insurance is grounds for termination as you are required to keep insurance during your entire stay in the USA

For our program travel insurance is included so you do not have to worry about finding the right insurance.  

Travel insurance is a private insurance that is valid during your stay abroad. The coverage is complementary to your current insurance but certain things like pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Apply for a placement in the USA

If you are interested in a placement in the USA after reading all of the information you should check our internships and traineeships, business and hospitality & tourism page to see what kind of placement would suit you best.

After you have found the right type of placement you can go to our apply page to register for the program you are interested in. After you have registered properly someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an admittance interview.

Upon successful completion of the admittance interview, we will propose an internship or traineeship to you based on your resume and personal preferences. After the internship has been accepted we will invoice you the final payment.

After you have paid the final part of the fee, you will have to apply for a J1 Visa. The applicant is required to apply for the J1 Visa themselves. However, Internships USA will continue to support the candidate should any problems or queries arise.

After you have applied for the J1 Visa, you must attend an interview at the American embassy or American consulate.

After successfully completing your interview with the American embassy or American consulate, you are ready to go to the USA.

Upon arrival in the USA you will be required to attend an orientation with our agency partner to receive more information.

If you are looking for more information regarding the extension of your J1 visa click here


If you wish to apply for a placement click here

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