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If you have questions about Internships & Traineeships in the US and other related topics… here you will find your answer!

In the US, there is a differentiation between an internship and a traineeship. As they seem very similar it can often be very confusing.

Internship: you can apply for an internship if you are currently enrolled as a student in a country outside of the US, or if you graduated at most 12 months before the start of your internship.
Traineeship: you can apply for a traineeship if you have a degree or a professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution, and have at least 1 year of related work experience outside of the US. Alternatively, if you have 5 years of related work experience in the program field you want to apply for, you can also apply for a traineeship.


The J1 Intern program is a program for foreign students to gain international work experience. The name refers to the fact that it is a one-year program.  There are several benefits to being a J1 intern. Also, students should be prepared for the challenges that come with living abroad in the USA.

The J1 visa, also known as the Exchange Visitor Visa, is for anyone outside of the United States who wishes to take part in work-and-study-related exchange programs in the US.  

J1 exchange visitors come to the US to receive training, teach, study…. Therefore, most of the time, the J1 visa is meant for students who need practical training, and the training must be directly related to their academic program.

Yes. A so-called J1 Exchange Visitor visa is required if you want to do an internship or traineeship in the USA. This document grants you authorization to enter the United States between the issuance date and expiration date. However, these are only the dates that you can enter the United States; they do not necessarily need to coincide with the dates of your program.

And also yes if you are not paid during your program. Indeed, you will always need to submit an application for a J1 Visa with a designated U.S. sponsor organization, even if your internship is unpaid and/or brief—less than 90 days—in duration.

Internship Program in USA Maximum duration: 12 months + 30 days Grace Period

Internships in USA must be no more than one term (or ten weeks) in duration for unpaid positions with for-profit companies. Paid internships can be one academic term, 6 months, or  an academic year. The duration should be agreed by both the student and employer.

Trainee Program in USA Maximum duration: 18 months + 30 days Grace Period

Traineeships in USA are usually between 12 and 18 months, however shorter programs are also available from 5 months on.

  1. Au Pair
  2. Camp Counselor
  3. College and University Student
  4. Secondary School Student
  5. Government Visitor
  6. International Visitor
  7. Physician
  8. Professor
  9. Research Scholar
  10. Short-Term Scholar
  11. Specialist
  12. Summer Work Travel
  13. Trainer
  14. Intern

To participate in our programs and do an internship or internship in the United States, you must have a minimum level of B2. You must be able to communicate and express yourself fluently, and the people you interact with should have no difficulty communicating with you.

We will confirm whether your level is suitable through selection interviews.

It’s not always the case, but the majority of internships offer some form of compensation, whether it’s an hourly wage, academic credit, or stipends to help cover living costs.

In certain fields, only unpaid positions are generally available.
In such cases, the participant must be able  to provide adequate funds for the entire duration, at least $900 per month.

For paid positions, the required funds decrease based on salary. 

The application process requires 3-4  months prior to the intended internship or training start date to be successful. 

The academic field of your studies, major, qualification and work experience must correspond to the desired area of the Internship or Traineeship.

The compensation varies by company and depends on the business field, participants’ work experience and  other factors. Some companies may assist with housing and/or transportation, especially within the hospitality field, especially in hospitality.  

A modest stipend is not uncommon, which will be renegotiated after the participant has become a part of the working process. Stipends range from 500$ to 1500$ per month depending on your CV, requirements and field  of the placement.  

We guarantee at least 500$ per month for 6-month stays and 1000$ per month for 12-month placements as long as you can be flexible with the location. Stipends may be higher but it is not guaranteed.

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