5 reasons to go abroad in the USA

Life is made of choices, at least people say that. We always have a lot of different paths we could take. Thus, sometimes, it is not easy to choose what is the best one to follow. Should I stay here or should I go?  Changing is not easy, yet, is necessary to grow. 

The question we should have been asking ourselves is ‘why?’  rather than making excuses in our minds. The answer is right here. 

  1. Travel

Travelling is one of the most enriching processes of an experience abroad. You have the opportunity to explore different places and cultures and to get involved in them. More than getting to know other people and cultures, it is also about getting to know yourself better. Traveling is an experience that brings you two directions: to get to know externally and most importantly, inside.

2. Development of your languages skills

Once you live in another country, you have the chance to develop your language Skills. In the case of the USA, English is going to be your new mother language. The secret to being a good speaker is good practice. Any language is possible if you put in some effort until it becomes natural. Currently, English is almost a requirement for any job. If you don’t want to stay out, come to the USA and become fluent in English.

3. Making connections with people from all over the world

Taking new risks can drive you to good people. During an experience abroad, you will find people from different parts of the world and build friendships. It is always special to exchange cultures and different mindsets regarding the world. This is a time that you will be able to create new connections and understand other’s people’s perspectives. During this period, your mind will become a little bit more global. 

4. Test your limits 

Human being feels alive when they are challenged. The best way to be alive and test your limits is to put yourself out of your comfort zone. When you decide to go abroad and have a different experience, you are testing yourself at the same time. You can feel everything. There are going to have some boundaries, you will need to break, however, this is the time to develop your perseverance and mental strength.

5. Post-job opportunities

Experiences abroad as in the USA increase your chances of getting the job you desired, afterward. Companies usually valued different experiences, because it assumes you also acquired other soft skills, for instance, adaptability and flexibility. To be in a new environment is required to be a good communicator and adaptable. Companies are looking for someone who can integrate easily among new people: they expect good communication and other soft skills highly important ( for example, cultural awareness). This is important to fulfill your CV with valuable experience and also to enrich yourself. Multiculturalism teaches you tolerance and acceptance, and for sure the USA will bring you all of this.

To conclude, this quote is to inspire your day:  “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       John D. Rockefeller

When you’ll apply for an internship in the US, Internships USA, you might want to understand what are the main reasons to go abroad, so we hope this article was useful for you. 

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Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes

Master's in Marketing and Strategy | University of Minho

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