How to travel on a tight budget 10+1 ways to do so

Travelling is a passion of many. Exploring new cultures, discovering new locations and getting to know new people is an exciting way to grow as a person and learn about our world while enjoying it! However, many young adults struggle to do so due to a low budget. Yet, it shouldn’t be this way. There are ways to travel on a tight budget even when the money is running low.

Here, we present to you 10+1 ways to do so:



  1. There are people wishing to visit your own country and spend tons of hours doing so why not explore your own country (or the country where you currently reside) and all of its beauty? You may discover things you didn’t know existed. This will result in seeing your own country with fresh eyes, reducing your carbon footprint and also minimising costs. Since you already speak the language, it will be easier for you to get around and get to know the beauty of your country. 
  2. Additionally, you may consider travelling to locations where your extended family members may reside. You can visit them, and they can show you around! This will result in not having accommodation expenses and you enjoying time with your extended family.
  3. If you decide to travel abroad, check for low-cost airlines or alternatives such as buses or trains, and decide which option is the best for you according to the price and time of travel. A great website to check this kind of option is 
  4. Additionally, you may consider packing lightly. This decision will make your life easier, and also you will not have to deal with charges due to heavy luggage.
  5. A huge amount of money is spent on accommodation. Consider staying in a hostel, in an Airbnb or even couch surfing. This way you may meet new people that can become your new friends and also, can share with you advise that will be helpful when exploring the area of your stay.
  6. Food is also considered one of the big expenses when travelling. You could try to buy pre-packed meals from the supermarket, or if there is a kitchen available you may do some groceries and cook. This way you can save up!
  7. Consider bringing your student ID as it might give you discounts.
  8. What is more, going on free tours can be a fascinating way to get to know a place. You can also lookup the best free activities to do.
  9. If you wish to visit a place of interest, look up the prices beforehand. This way, you might end up making an early reservation that could result in a discounted price.
  10. It would help if you considered avoiding travelling in high seasons as well as overpriced touristic areas since that automatically marks the prices up.
  11. Consider travelling with a group of friends. This way you can divide the travel expenses such as accommodation. Additionally, looking up group discounts on activities of interest can result in not having to spend a lot.

In conclusion, travelling is one of the most unique and amazing experiences one may have. If you consider doing an internship abroad, you will definitely have the chance to travel and get to know new locations, and people, and experience the culture of the place you are visiting!

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Zoi Aslanidou
Zoi Aslanidou

MSC Business Management with a Digital Marketing Track - CIIM
BSC International & European Economic Studies - University of Cyprus

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