How to manage your time in a remote internship

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed as a person working in a remote internship? You’re not alone! While virtual internships can offer unprecedented flexibility, they also require excellent time management skills in order to get the most out of the experience.

Navigating deadlines, and meetings, and adjusting to a new environment all at once is no easy feat. Fortunately, with some ingenuity and patience, it’s totally possible to develop lasting time management habits that will extend far beyond your internship days. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring tips and strategies for becoming an organized remote intern – one who manages their workload without burning out!

The definition of time management is quite simple: is an essential skill in all areas of life, from personal and family life to professional and educational pursuits. Properly managing one’s time can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve the overall quality of life. Here you can find crucial tips that you should include in your daily life undertaking an remote internship: 

  1. Make a schedule or to-do list at the beginning of each day so that you know what tasks need to be completed in your remote internship and how much time they will take;

  2. Identify the most important tasks and prioritize those first;

  3. Break down large projects into smaller tasks and set deadlines for each task;

  4. Avoid distractions like social media, emails, etc., while working on a task so you can focus completely on your work.;

  5. Try to limit meetings to a necessary amount if possible, as they can often take up too much of your valuable time.;

  6. It is crucial to take regular breaks during your remote internship. Consequently will help clear your head and remain productive;

  7. Delegate some of your work or ask for help from colleagues when needed in order to save time on certain tasks or projects;

  8. Track how much time you are spending on each task so that you can analyze and adjust your workflow accordingly for better productivity in future projects. 

Therefore, set yourself up today for success by creating a schedule that works best for you!  And if you ever feel bogged down by all your commitments after making a plan, take some time to pause and reassess what might be working and what needs improvement

On the whole, It’s clear that time management can have a positive effect on the quality of our lives. From feeling energized and more productive throughout the day to spending time with your friends and family, making time for yourself is essential when it comes to ensuring balance in our lives. A little planning can go a long way, especially undertaking a remote internship! Don’t take my word for it: give it a try and see the positive changes it could bring into your life.

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Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes

Master's in Marketing and Strategy | University of Minho

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