Fostering Creativity and Broadening Horizons at University

In today’s competitive world, it is fundamental that university students have the right skills to help them stand out in their professional fields. One of the most important skills they can develop is creativity. While some people are naturally creative, many need external stimuli to foster this part of the brain.

Yet, where do you start? The answer lies in finding ways to broaden horizons and introduce new experiences that stimulate creativity. 

Creative Stimuli 

One way for universities to foster creativity is through creative stimuli. Furthermore, This could include lectures or seminars on different topics, such as art, design, architecture, technology, science, and more. In fact, by exposing students to these new ideas, they will be able to explore their own creative capabilities and find ways to apply these ideas in practical ways. Additionally, universities should provide opportunities for students to get involved with creative teams and projects in order to gain real-world experience with creative concepts.

Cultural Experiences 

Another way for universities to foster creativity is by providing cultural experiences, which could be through an international mobility program. Besides that, it could include field trips or excursions outside of the university campus which allow students to gain a new perspective and learn about different cultures. Students can also participate in online courses or virtual seminars which expose them to global topics and issues they wouldn’t encounter otherwise. Therefore, allowing students access to different cultures helps them become more open-minded and understanding of other people’s points of view which is essential for any successful career path. 

Innovation Challenges 

Afterward, universities should provide opportunities for students to engage in innovation challenges or hackathons throughout the year. These events allow students from various disciplines to come together and collaborate on innovative solutions for real-world problems using the latest technology tools available at the university. Not only do these challenges help foster creativity but they also help create a sense of collaboration among students while giving them an opportunity to gain valuable experience working with leading industry professionals who are judging their projects. 

On the whole, universities have a responsibility when it comes to helping their students succeed not only academically but professionally as well. Further, it’s important that universities foster creativity among their student body by providing unique learning opportunities that will help broaden horizons and stimulate creative thought processes—all skills necessary for success after graduation day arrives! With the right approach and dedication from faculty members and administrators alike, fostering creativity among university students can be achieved with ease!

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Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes

Master's in Marketing and Strategy | University of Minho

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