Developing a Global Perspective Through Stories

Experiencing life in other countries can be an eye-opening and inspiring experience. People who have had the opportunity to travel abroad often come away with a newfound perspective on life, both professionally and personally. Hearing stories from people who have been able to go abroad and gain new insights into the world is always fascinating. 

Let’s take a look at some of these stories and how they can help us develop our own global perspectives.

Traveling To Japan for the Summer

One student we recently interviewed had gone to Japan for the summer to visit her family. She told us that she was amazed by how different the culture was compared to what she expected. Even though some aspects were similar to what she was used to backing home, there were many subtle differences that changed her outlook on the world. For example, going out for dinner with her family meant splitting dishes instead of each person getting their own plate of food—something completely foreign to her! But despite this initial surprise, she quickly adapted and appreciated being able to bond over shared meals during her time there.

Volunteering in India

Another student we spoke with had volunteered at a medical center in India for six months after graduating from college. He said he’d been curious about what healthcare looked like in other countries since he wanted to pursue medical school after graduation. During his time volunteering in India, he learned a lot about the healthcare system and even got involved with some of the initiatives that the center was running, such as providing basic healthcare services to rural communities nearby. These hands-on experiences gave him invaluable insight into how people outside his home country access healthcare services and made him realize just how important it is that everyone has access to quality care regardless of where they live or come from. 

Working as an Intern Abroad

The last story we’ll share is from a student who had spent several months working as an intern at a university in Germany while finishing her undergraduate degree. She said one of the most valuable lessons she learned was how different perspectives can shape communication styles between people from different cultures—and it wasn’t always easy! Despite having studied German extensively before going abroad, she found herself struggling with certain cultural nuances when interacting with colleagues and other students at the university. However, as time went on she started understanding more about where these misunderstandings stemmed from and developed stronger relationships because of it. It also gave her valuable knowledge regarding cross-cultural communication which has served her well ever since! 

Each of these stories has something unique and inspiring to take away from them, whether it’s seeing how different cultures approach education or understanding the importance of sharing what little you may have with others in need. These stories demonstrate how powerful global perspectives can be – not only for those experiencing them firsthand but also for anyone else looking for ways to expand their own horizons and gain insight into different aspects of life around the world.

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Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes

Master's in Marketing and Strategy | University of Minho

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