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So let’s get straight to the point, are you an expert on the United States or are you just trying to look like one to impress your friends? It’s the moment of truth. As you already know we provide the best-paid internships in the USA, you just have to keep in mind that you are in charge of deciding in which city to do your internship. We just connect you with a fantastic company willing to provide you with all their expertise! So, are you ready to choose?

Here, we’ll introduce you to five of our most popular destinations and their unique curiosities, so you can make a decision easier or just impress a few more girls/boys with your ‘innate’ knowledge. 

Chicago, USA

Let’s talk about Chicago. Nearly 3 million people call it home, and they reside in the 100 neighbourhoods of the city. Additionally, is home to eight major league sports teams as well. Since there are more than 200 theatres and music venues, along with 36 parades, 40 film festivals, and 74 music festivals each year, this city is a lot of fun.

If you love the outdoors and you’re a fan of nature, keep in mind that Chicago has 600 parks, approximately 30 beaches, and 70 bird and nature sanctuaries. Chicago has various amusing monikers, such as “The windy city” and “The city of huge shoulders.” Prepare yourself for some enjoyable tours at the “Loop” as well as the “Pedway” if you choose to do your internship here.

New York, USA

Next on our list is the world-famous NYC!  No doubt you already know it by heart. We wonder, can we still teach you something? Speaking of the big Apple, or aside, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous skyscrapers. With a population of almost 20 million people, this city has over 800 languages spoken. Also, if you are a big fan of books, then you should know that the New York Public Library has a collection of books that is over 50 million. If you decide to do your internship here, get ready to live in an international environment, make friends from all over the world and why not, even learn a new language!

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, a city of less than 1 million, is considered the brightest city on earth, due to the number of lights that exist in the city. It is a city where nearly 300 weddings happen per day, yet it no longer holds the crown for being the gambling capital of the world! If you decide to do your internship here, prepare yourself to meet a huge amount of people since more than 40 million individuals visit Las Vegas every year.

Miami, USA

Next, we have Miami. A city in Florida with a population less than half a million, but very famous and unique for its own reasons. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean, and there are a lot of opportunities for water related activities such as, swimming, water skiing, diving, etc. Miami has many public parks, and some of them offer the opportunity to camp as well as take place in some sport activities. What is more, the suntan lotion was actually invented in Miami! Thus, if you decide to do your internship here, prepare to spend a big amount of time by the ocean. Either by riding the waves with your surfboard or by tanning under the sun!

Los Angeles, USA

Lastly on the list we have Los Angeles. A city with a population of nearly 4 million, yet, this city has more cars than people!
The iconic Hollywood sign initially said “Hollywoodland” but then it was changed to how we know it today! The film industry is thriving in this city, thus, if you decide to do your internship here, you might also have the chance to do a cameo in an upcoming movie or tv series! Think about it! Your friends back home might see you on TV. This on its own, is an amazing reason to consider LA, as your top destination for an internship abroad.

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Zoi Aslanidou
Zoi Aslanidou

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