What you should know about the USA

We always tend to create our image from everything. We create an image based on our desires and expectations when we meet someone. The same happens when we think about the USA. All of our lives, we have watched American movies and some of us were influenced by the American culture. The thing is, we also created an ideal image of the USA, and sometimes it does not correspond to reality.

For this reason, it is always important to get to know some interesting facts about the USA. The next section will present different curiosities about it.

  1. The current flag was designed by a 17-year-old boy

In 1958, Robert Heff was 17 years old and he designed the current 50-start flag during a high school project. Back then, there were 48 states, however, the perspicacious teenager assumed Hawai and Alaska would soon be part of it. Afterward, Helf submitted his design to the White House which arrived to President Eisenhower and turned out to be the USA’s official flag.

2. Americans are a generous population

The USA is considered to be the most generous country in the world considering the World Giving Index. This conclusion was based on the number of charitable donations and volunteering services. Thus, the most powerful country has some charitable sides. 

3. They don’t have an official language surprisingly

The federal government has never declared any official language. A lot of people assume is English, even though could be in many states, yet it is not official. Although, the most commonly used is English as is known internationally.  

4. Space 

The astronaut who spent the most time in space was a woman, called Peggy Whitson. She had the highest cumulative time in space. Contrarily, to what most people might think, women rocked in space.

5. Do you like Dinosaurs?

There are an extensive variety of dinosaur fossils in the USA. There is a big quantity of fossils in desert areas, once they remain more reachable in areas where vegetation doesn’t grow. Did you know about that? Dinosaurs had passed a lot of time there, as you might too.

6. Did you know Barbie and Ken are siblings?

Ruth Handler invented the doll ‘Barbie’ in 1959, being the most famous doll in America. The interesting fact is that ‘Barbie’ represents the diminutive name of his daughter  ‘Barbara’. Handler also had a son which is name was Ken. Following this line of thought, they are siblings

7. Hollywood and movies

Hollywood has been making movies for more than 100 years. For this reason, we always have heard about it. The first movie in Hollywood was a short film called In Old California filmed in 1910. Can you imagine how long time ago it was? The fame didn’t come recently. Hollywood has been presented all of this time!

This is the quote of the day to inspire you:

“When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world.”

                                                                                                Norman Vincent Peale

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Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes

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