5 reasons to contribute for student employability

Currently, students struggle to find opportunities to put into practice what they have been learning at the university. The lack of connection between theory and practice is becoming increasingly a problem for students.

In fact, students are told all their lives about the regular path: to study, to get their first job, and to gain professional experience. This is supposed to be the best way to take it. Consequently, it’s time to talk about student employability.

However, under the current circumstances, the marketplace became saturated and the opportunities compared to concurrency seem too few. For this reason, companies should be aware of the lack of student employability and to start to collaborate and give options to inexperienced students.

The main question is why?’.  After all, what do the companies earn from this?

1. Fresh pair of eyes: Innovation comes with novelty. This means it is positive for your company to insert new members with fresh minds that can think out of the box and bring up innovative ideas. Moreover, the problems can be approached with several strategies, and a new employee can implement a new strategy that fits better;

2. Thinking beyond boundaries: To think differently is not for everyone. Ideally, your company wants to have a team able to think beyond boundaries and chase growth and innovation. Usually, students come to the company with a will to learn the most possible and with an open mind, which will contribute positively to your company’s goals;

3. Development: Any company has the main goal of its development. Thus, what is interesting about employe a student is the potential might have to come up with new thinking, that consequently leads to the your company’s development;

4. Cost-effective: In addition, there are also cost advantages. Usually, an internship is unpaid or, if it is paid, the amount is small, which gives an advantage to your company to have a new employee with a small investment. The variable costs regarding salaries expenses can decrease in this way. Even for the first job, the salary attributed is not high compared to an experienced employee;

5. One for the future: Your company never knows the potential of a student before giving him a chance to show it. Furthermore, the benefits can be endless and the choice of ‘this’ student or ‘that’ one, can mean a plus for the future. Consequently, your student can become a new member of your team for further projects.

To sum up, what have you been waiting for? Both can win and we are here to provide an easier and more efficient way to find each other. USA Internships offer several options and we follow you up during all processes. We want to help you out. We want to change the current student employability! Plus, for more tips, we also have the inspiration blog full of interesting insights. Don’t forget to read our latest blog The outcomes of an international experience.’

It only takes one click to change everything!

Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes

Master's in Marketing and Strategy | University of Minho

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