10 Reasons why you should definitely intern abroad, in particular in the US


Doing an internship, in general, is an incredible opportunity for multiple reasons. For example, it enables you to gain professional experience, confirm your career choices or add valuable content to your CV. Now, imagine doing your internship abroad… yes! you guessed it well, the opportunities become truly endless! Both on a professional and personal level. Therefore, though we believe the reasons to intern abroad are endless, we propose you discover in this article the top 10 reasons -in our opinion- why you should definitely do an internship abroad. And you will see, these 10 reasons only are likely to persuade you, as it has done with most of us.


  • Visit the country

This first reason is probably the main reason why, at first, we are tempted by the amazing possibility of doing an internship abroad. And, that is normal because you should intern abroad because you set your heart on travelling, discovering new cultures, new people and new landscapes.

Indeed, true, the highlight of an internship is to work and learn new skills. But, as you would have the chance to work and learn these new skills in another country, why not, at the same time, plan visits, a little weekend trip to another city, or a typical activity that will give you quite a change of scenery

  • Acquire skills that impress employers and set you apart from the rest 

When a recruiter can read on your CV and cover letter that you interned abroad, you will, for sure, be set apart from the rest of the applicants. Indeed, though more and more people participate in Erasmus programs and are interested in an experience abroad, fewer students do an international internship compared to domestic ones. And, as regards European students, it is even more true if the foreign country is the US.

Anyway, in the following reasons, we will explain what type of skills you may be likely to acquire quickly while interning abroad. But, so you get an idea, just understand that, when an employer sees you after reading your CV, they will automatically feel like you are a challenger, a brave person unafraid of the unknown and that knows how to cope with difficulties. In addition, this internship abroad will give you skills in a foreign job market, and this is something employers see as highly impressive.

  • Gain international work experience and cultural awareness 

Being immersed in a new culture is the best way to change your viewpoints on the world and open up your mind to different ways of life.

And this – both on a professional and personal level – makes you grow and acquire important leader soft skills.

As we started to mention before, you will be able to learn to meet the expectations of a specific industry in a different country than your own. And, since the market, systems, and practices vary from one country to another, your experience and global perspective will be a valuable asset in your career.

Plus, in the context of the globalization, we know in the 21st century, having global awareness is crucial. It means knowing how social, environmental, and political factors impact the world. Therefore, doing an internship in a different country is one way to achieve this. You will develop both a new level of understanding of your country and of the country in which you intern.

  • Develop soft skills quickly

Nowadays, there is a need for soft skills in teams, especially if you are to become a manager. For example, skills such as conflict resolution, problem-solving, time management, or working well under pressure are critical in the workplace. They support the appropriate use of the employees’ hard skills. (the external link that explains hard and soft skills?) 

In addition, there is also more and more a focus on soft skills like cultural training, communication skills and language adaptability. In short, being able to fit into an international environment. Thus, showing that you can handle working with international colleagues that might as well speak different languages is a very precious addition to your CV.

  • Build an international network 

Interning in a country abroad gives you the perfect opportunity to develop a global network of colleagues and mentors. And it proves to be quite handy if you consider working abroad afterwards, especially if the country is a country like the US where you would have done your internship.

Plus, at another level, if you make a lot of friends there – and you will -,  it gives you even more reasons to travel back there to visit them and discover new things again.

  • Gain confidence and independence through challenges

All right, let’s be honest. Moving abroad will not be all a bed of roses. Deciding to go and live abroad for a few months can be a daunting decision, though it is very exciting. Don’t worry, we all have weighed up the pros and cons. But, trust me, the thing is you won’t find many cons! Because all cons can turn very quickly into pros. 

Indeed, there will be challenging times for sure. Sometimes, depending on the situation and your personality, you might feel a little lonely or overwhelm… but, don’t be afraid of it. Just be ready and aware of it, so you can adapt. Actually, all challenges are worth it because you will definitely become stronger and gain confidence in your own abilities to deal with stuff and to put things in perspective. You will feel gradually more independent, empowered, and comfortable with yourself and being alone. It is a great opportunity to appreciate your own presence and do what you aspire to, even if you are doing it solo.

  • Test if you’d like to work abroad / Live like a local 

Interning abroad and visiting a country only for a couple of days are, of course, two very distinct experiences. When we are tourists, we never get to see the daily life of a local. We just visit the most famous places, taste new food, buy souvenirs, and that’s it. That’s amazing but that doesn’t help you decide if you would see yourself living in this specific country. However, since you would be living and working there if you intern abroad, you will get to experience a new city to the fullest. Yet, as the US is a very vast country, you might want to do several internships in different American cities to see which one could fit you best ahah

  • Make incredible and long-lasting memories:

Getting to intern abroad will be very enriching for you at every level. You will have plenty of stories to tell.

It will create endless memories that will inspire you every day and probably give you even more envy to travel again, whether it be for an internship, a trip, or to live abroad for good.

  • Learn a new language 

Living abroad will completely immerse you in the local culture, which represents the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills. In the US, you will be working in English, and you are required to be proficient in the language before entering the country for your internship. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to learn other languages. For instance, there are some places where Spanish is also widespread in the US, so you might also have the chance to learn a little bit of Spanish. Plus, in the workplace, you might evolve with people from different horizons and learn other languages from them.

  • Discover who you really are 

What is also interesting when moving abroad for quite a long time is that you get to have insights into different cultures and select which ones you want to apply for yourself. Thanks to your experiences in the US and/or in other countries, you will be able to create a sort of brand new culture that is only yours. It will define exactly who you are and who you want to be.

To conclude, true, interning abroad requires stepping out of your comfort zone and leaving your family and friends for a moment. However, nowadays, it is rather easy to communicate while being far from each other. Plus, there are so many rewards from interning abroad that it turns out not to be such a difficult choice in the end. In fact, if you truly and genuinely want to experience this kind of life and if you truly and genuinely feel that it can bring you a lot (and it will), then you have to go. You won’t regret it!  After interning abroad you will always look back with the idea that you are grateful and happy about it. And, immersing yourself in the culture, language and traditions of a city abroad will not only boost your career prospects but will also open your eyes to a new international lifestyle, develop yourself professionally and help you discover your true self.  

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity and apply, thanks to Internships USA.

Clara Delozière
Clara Delozière

MiM Specialisation in Communication and Media - ESCP Business School

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