About Us

About us

Welcome to Internships USA

We are a company that specializes in helping students to find the ideal Internship or traineeship. As we believe that internships and traineeships are vital to a person’s work experience we always try our best to make sure that you get an amazing placement.

We try to give you the best experience by supporting you through the entire process from your visa all the way until you arrive in the U.S. so you can fully immerse yourself in the American culture.

We believe that travelling abroad whether it is to gain work experience or to do an internship as a part of your studies is a unique experience that will help you later on in life and will give you a different outlook on the world.

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Our mission

We understand that an internship is one of the most important aspects of your studies as it will give you your first real look at the inside of a company.

Not only that, but choosing to do an internship in another country can be good for both your resume and for building contacts in the industry that you are planning to work in.

Therefore, we believe it is extremely important that everyone has the opportunity to work as an intern in a company. Internships USA will make sure that you have an enjoyable experience in one of the most well known countries in the world.

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Our team

We are a young and innovative team that know all too well that finding an internship can be very hard. Especially in countries such as the USA where you will need a sponsorship and a lot of documents to even be eligible, for an Internship or work placement in the USA.

With more than 8 years of experience, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you so you can enjoy your time in the USA to the fullest.

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