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TOP 10 qualities of an effective intern

TOP 10 Qualities of an Effective Intern in the US Employers constantly look for interns with particular skills that can benefit the company. Having these abilities and traits will help you stand out to potential employers and may improve your chances of landing an internship. Then, by performing well as an intern, you’ll increase your […]

Signs You’re a USA Expert – Things about US cities

Signs You’re a USA Expert – Things about US cities So let’s get straight to the point, are you an expert on the United States or are you just trying to look like one to impress your friends? It’s the moment of truth. As you already know we provide the best-paid internships in the USA, […]

How to describe your language ability

How to describe your language ability Speaking multiple challenges has many benefits for all individuals. Firstly, it is a great addition to the CV of each and every one of us. Additionally, multilingual individuals have improved memory, can multitask, are better at problem-solving and have enhanced critical-thinking skills. The “Common European Framework of Reference for […]

The year abroad, one year later

The year abroad: One year later Going abroad to study or to work is not the easiest decision. You have to leave family, home, friends, pets and other major aspects of your life behind. However, if you decide to do so, be prepared for the period that will change your life forever. Your time abroad […]